S h a t t e r e d

S h a t t e r e d is a quilt instillation that conveys the feeling of complete brokenness after the sudden ending of my most serious relationship. At the time of the break up, I experienced extreme heartache and utter loneliness. I went through a period of serious depression and mental instability, and the only way I can describe the feeling is through the term shattered.

The graphic, and jagged edges of each individual piece replicate a broken mirror. This metaphor is representational of my reflection looking back at the unsettling memories. I used striped fabric to depict a strong visual narrative. The use of perpendicular lines generates a sense of anxiety and causes the viewer to strain their eyes. The difficulty of viewing the piece represents the complexity of emotions associated with the memory of the break up.

I envisioned this installation being displayed on the floor to give the allusion of a mirror that has fallen and shattered. In the Bevier Gallery the viewer would have had the opportunity to see the piece from within and above the gallery space. From the main floor the viewer would have been able to fixate on small segments of the quilt. This viewing distance would have represented the small moments that lead to a break up. From above the viewer would have been able to see the entire piece representing the big picture. Due to space restrictions, I elected to install the piece on a balcony over hang and trickle it down an adjoining wall. This accomplished a similar relationship between the viewer and the quilt. The viewer could approach the lower pieces on the wall, seeing a close up, but is forced to move away to experience the piece as a whole. The monumental scale directly relates to the scale of the grief I experienced.