I Remember Your Caresses

I Remember Your Caresses symbolizes the memory of touch and human intimacy. Using non-toxic intaglio prints, I created repetitive and abstract patterns that allude to fingerprints in a large-scale installation. A white empty chair, representing a figure or lack thereof, faces towards the fingerprint pattern. It holds many metaphoric elements. First, it acts as an abstract self-portrait. It is a place for me to reflect on the intimacy of my past relationships. Second, the chair becomes a place for the viewer to mentally place themselves in their own memories of human embrace. Lastly, the emptiness of the chair conveys a missing person, someone who has left impactful impressions of the viewer’s and my life.

The use of repetitive linear patterns was to create a visual representation of remembrance of physical intimacy. The curved parallel lines express fluid movement. I used them to covey the motion of touch. The installation spans up the wall fifteen feet, and projects out onto the floor space. The size creates an astounding visual presence. I seek to pull the viewer into the space, leaving everything else behind.