Certain Parts Seemed Irrelevant

Certain Parts Seemed Irrelevant is a quilt that conveys the idea of remembering someone from the past. It represents how over time our memories evolve and fade. In my experience, certain memories maintain importance, while others fade into our subconscious and we forget them altogether. Giving a quilt conceptual meaning was a turning point for me in my process. Although it still maintains many elements of traditional quilting, its structure and composition relate to my overall theme. The quilt is constructed using clothing from various past partners. I cut up it up and reconstructed the pieces into a dreamy abstract composition. Clothing holds strong trace memories of the person it once belonged to. It almost becomes a second skin as it represents personality and individuality. Clothing also holds sentimental value when passed from the original owner to the partner. Although the idea is universal, using specific past partners is a way for me to preserve my memories.

Next to the quilt, I displayed the remnants of the clothing on a pedestal. This idea juxtaposes the quilt as it represents the discarded memories that fade over time. As time passes memories become more selective and things you choose to forget are often lost. This piece is also essentially a blanket. You can wrap yourself up in a quilt for security, and with the lack of said persons in my life, it was a way to comfort myself in their absence.